healthcare transparency Healthcare Transparency & Patient Safety
Kentucky 42nd in the Nation For Healthcare

Nov. 3, 2017 Four-Points Sheraton,  Lexington,  Kentucky

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Kentucky 42nd in the Nation for Healthcare

Source The Commonwealth Fund

Patient Advocacy and Conflicts-Of-Interest & Research Integrity
November 3th, 2017
Registration Open at 7:30 am
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Conference Agenda: 

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Course Objectives

  • To describe the importance of an effective editorial and peer review process of medical research and common problems with research which ultimately leads to its retraction.

  • To realize and reflect upon how conflicts-of-interest can distort research findings and policy formulation.

  • To identify problems in monitoring for adverse events in medical implants and how nonreporting of data and ineffective postmarket followup has placed patients at risk.

  • To describe who research integrity problems have affected the formulation of healthcare policy designed to halt the epidemic of resistant bacteria.

  • To be able to discuss the importance of a culture of safety and healthcare accountability.

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Note:  Agenda & speakers may change without notice.  

All presentations may be submitted to the Jounal of Patient Safety.