2019 HW USA Conference Logo Healthcare Transparency & Patient Safety
Kentucky 42nd in the Nation For Healthcare

October 17, 2019 Eastside Branch Library,  Lexington,  Kentucky

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Kentucky 42nd in the Nation for Healthcare

Source The Commonwealth Fund

Patient Advocacy
October 17th, 2019
Registration Open at 11:30 am

Conference Presentations from 12:00 Noon to 9:00 pm.  
Breaks and Dinner Included with Registration

Schedule Times May Change Depending Upon Speaker Travel Requirements

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Conference & Presentation Objectives - Download

Epidemiology of Epidemics – Lessons Learned
1. The attendee will be able to describe the etiological factors in the Haiti Epidemic and the role played by healthcare workers.
2. The attendee will develop an explain how political influences can shape a response to epidemics.
3. The attendee will be able to describe the resources required to reverse a Hepatitis A epidemic.
4. The attendee will be able to recognize the dangers of childhood illnesses and the importance of vaccinations.

Strengthening the FDA
1. The attendee will explain the importance of the FDA in fostering antibiotic stewardship and how added regulations are required for animal husbandry and over-the-counter antibiotics.
2. The attendee will be able to articulate the need for further FDA safeguards which need to be enacted regarding “bisphosphonates”.
3. The attendee will be able to recognize financial barriers to healthcare along with how patients can mitigate their impact and what is needed by the FDA to lower drug prices.
4. The attendee will be able to describe the need for increased reporting to the FDA by healthcare personnel regarding adverse events associated with medical devices.

Patient Advocacy
1. The attendee will be able the describe the importance and role of the patient advocate in healthcare policy.
2. The attendee will acquire an appreciation of how the term "second victim" inhibits patient-centered patient safety.

Note:  Agenda & speakers may change without notice.

All presentations may be submitted to the Journal of Patient Safety.